Reclaim Your Health

A program specifically designed for Christian men grappling with weight gain and health problems, who feel like it's too late to take back control of their physical, mental, and spiritual health after too many years of neglect.

Do you live with frustration and shame because you’ve let you health decline so far that you feel like it’s too late to recover?

I am here to tell you that it is NOT too late and I can show you how to regain control of your health, lose weight and look your best. My 4E System of Weight Loss is your fastest and most comprehensive solution to significant physical and mental transformation. You deserve to live your best life, in your best body!

Sustainable Weight Loss

Finally, a comprehensive approach to sustainable weight loss that also enhances your physique. The 4E System delivers a personalized plan tailored to your unique needs, focused not only on shedding pounds, but also on long-term maintenance and improvements to your health. It is never too late to lose weight, you just need a system that's tailored to your lifestyle.

Rebuilding Physical Resources

As we age it becomes harder to look and feel great. This regime builds muscle and fitness to help you regain the energy and focus you’ve slowly lost over the years. You’ve worked hard to be successful, and now you want to live your life to the fullest. This program is designed to fast-track your progress and deliver sustainable results.

Restore Your Emotional Health

This program effectively targets emotional barriers like guilt, shame, and trauma and equips you with strategies to overcome them. As emotional distress dissipates, you will find the freedom and confidence to progress in your health journey well beyond your expectations. Learn the tools to eliminate your root causes and reconnect with God's purpose for your life.

About Me

Jason Schembri

In the middle of a successful executive career, Jason Schembri found himself at the crossroads of life, grappling with escalating health issues and a deteriorating lifestyle, which caused emotional turmoil and distress in all aspects of his life.

Tipping the scales at 320 pounds by the age of forty, Jason battled with his health which was in urgent need of attention. Like many other men, Jason felt despair and anger because he thought it was too late to change.

However, he decided he had to try and, after many years of trial and error, involving numerous diets and fitness regimes, he developed a program for men like himself who needed a new solution. The 4E System of Weight Loss, is the result of over a decade of research, hard work and lived experience, an innovative approach that encourages not only weight loss, but also the elimination of root causes.

Jason is now fit and healthy at 200 pounds, and in peak physical condition. He is dedicated to helping men like himself to transform their health, and ultimately, their lives.

Jason is the best-selling author of Keeping It Off.

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Hi Jason, It was so great seeing you at the conference last month. Hard to believe it had been a year since we met. I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you were. When you told me about your weight loss, I was stunned! I couldn't believe it. Well, I got motivated. And in the last year, I went from 245 lbs to 190. I have never felt better. It was amazing how joint pain and malaise was reduced along with the weight. So, kudos to you. Keep it up. You're a motivator!

- Richard Meredith, award winning fiction author


When I was in law enforcement, it was important to be in good physical and mental shape. But the stress of a demanding career plus a busy family life made it difficult to look after my health, and I kept gaining weight and losing energy! Jason’s coaching style, combined with his effective and simple tools, helped me lose over 40 pounds and keep it off. As a bonus, my wife was also able to use Jason’s tools to boost her own health too. The 4E System of Weight Loss really does work!

- Dillon Rochon, Law Enforcement (retired)


I met Jason when seeking a solution for weight loss after completing an ineffective program with a leading nutritionist and dietitian. I was skeptical but liked his data-driven approach. It encouraged accountability and measurable results unlike any available alternative. Not only was I able to lose 20lbs quickly, but I was also able to identify and address my root causes, so I've kept it off. I'm now stronger and fitter, both mentally and physically, and have recently run my first half-ultra marathon! Jason is a Godsend! Do yourself a favour and talk to him. His 4E System can transform your life permanently!

- Mary Lynn Cloghesy, Author & Business Strategist

Reclaim Your Health

Program tailored for successful Christian men who want to look and feel their best and regain their lost confidence and freedom.

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